13 Fun Party Ideas for the Day After your Wedding

Keep the party going with these day two ideas!

Your wedding is going to be one of the most fun and exciting days of your life, so we can't blame you for wanting to keep the party going for as long as possible! While plans for the day after your wedding are not essential (you're entitled to spend the day napping and ordering room service if you so choose!), post-wedding or day two parties are a great way to squeeze in extra quality time with your guests, especially those who travelled from abroad. You can also soak up more of the love and laughter without the formalities or obligations of your big day.

Thats why, we're sharing our favourite day after wedding ideas! What you choose for your second-day bash depends heavily on your budget and guest list, as well as the weather, and the time of year, but there are plenty of options, and this list is the perfect place to start...

Day After Wedding Ideas

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1. Throw an Outdoor BBQ or Pizza Party

This is one of the most popular day after wedding ideas for a reason! There's no safer bet for a next-day shindig than a laid-back afternoon of food, drink and banter, maybe with a few lawn games and an epic Spotify playlist thrown in for good measure.

The pros: This one works especially well for country house weddings in summer. Plus, there are lots of venues that will arrange everything for you!

The cons: You'll need a Plan B in case it rains, but your venue should be able to suggest something suitable. Just make sure to get all the information before you factor this one into your budget - depending on your wedding date, the venue may need to charge extra for the use of the space.

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2. Organise Brunch or a Pub Lunch

Many couples end up going for the day after 'do that puts the least amount of pressure on guests, which is where the humble brunch or pub lunch comes in! Believe us, when the day after your wedding rolls around, you'll be glad that mimosas and Eggs Benedict, or an elaborate roast dinner and a pint, are on the menu!

The pros: This is the perfect low-key option for city weddings. Your venue may be able to host you for a second day, which is handy if you and your guests are staying overnight, but of course, you can also go for something completely different, like a late-afternoon Indian!

The cons: This is not one of the most original day after wedding ideas on our list, but that's also the beauty of it. There's no need for elaborate décor or entertainment - once the booking is made, your work is done!

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3. Try an Outdoor Game

If you think your crew would appreciate a round of golf, a spot of archery or a paintballing tournament, the day after your wedding is a great time to revisit an old hobby or try something new. Other candidates include pitch and putt, croquet, clay pigeon shooting, horseriding, fishing and water sports! If you're really adventurous, you could try bungee jumping, paragliding or skydiving. We've also seen an old fashioned sports days, complete with sack races! See our post with fabulous lawn games ideas here.

The pros: Most countryside venues will be able to arrange one of these activities for you, so there's minimal faff.

The cons: It will be close to impossible to find an activity that everyone on your guest list will enjoy, so this is a better option if you only have a small group on the second day. Also, if you partied late on your wedding night, you should expect drop-outs!

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4. Head Off on an Outdoor Excursion

We've seen a few couples hop on the Christmas Day Swim bandwagon and organise a dip in the sea for the day after their wedding, which we think is a really lovely (if very chilly!) idea. You could also plan a countryside hike or a bracing walk.

The pros: If you're getting married in a really beautiful part of the world, a next-day excursion means you can leave knowing that you made the most of the gorgeous scenery.

The cons: If your crew isn't particularly outdoorsy, you might not have many takers for this one.

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5. Plan a Perfect Picnic

An outdoor feast on the grass is an adorable way to pass an afternoon, and this should work the day after your wedding, regardless of where your venue is. If you're in the countryside, the venue might have a lawn that's perfect for a picnic, or be able to recommend a picturesque site nearby. In the city, simply pack your baskets and hit your favourite park.

The pros: This idea is just bursting with retro charm and if you're organising it yourself, it's a great way to make use of the talented home cooks and bakers on your guest list. You could even organise a bake off!

The cons: This is another one that requires a Plan B in the event of bad weather. It also requires a deceptively high level of organisation, so make sure to factor that in.

6. Treat them to a Spa Day

It's pretty easy to sell this one: a dip in a sauna, a blast in the steam room, a relaxing massage and facial, and a long afternoon of sipping tea (or bubbly!) in your bathrobe and catching up on the gossip from the night before? Yes, please!

The pros: No matter how much adrenaline is pumping through your body on the day after your wedding, you'll still be close to exhaustion (take our word for it!), so a spa day with your bridal party or pals is a really nice way to wind down.

The cons: There tends to be a lot of primping and preening in the run up to a wedding, so if you're not a massive fan of pampering in general, you may not want to see another makeup brush or nail file for a month!

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7. Arrange a Class or Hire an Entertainer

For something completely different, we love the idea of hiring an expert to instruct your pals in a new discipline, be it origami, cookery or tai chi, or entertain them with an unusual skill - think caricature artists, magicians and fortune tellers. We have a list of unique entertainment ideas here!

The pros: If you pick your activity wisely, this one has potential to be a highlight of your wedding, and it's a great way to echo yours and your partner's personalities on day two.

The cons: Classes require a good bit of concentration and buy-in from your guests, so this is another one that may be more suitable for small groups.

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8. Plan a Movie Screening

This is another favourite with couples who are having a city wedding and want something really laid-back and stress-free. Simply book a private-hire cinema (we've compiled a handy list for Dublin!), bring along a DVD of your favourite hangover watch, make sure there's enough popcorn to go around, and your work is done!

The pros: This one requires very little commitment from your guests and is brilliant fun, even with a sore head.

The cons: It can be hard to find the right venue for this one if you're outside a city, but it's worth asking countryside venues if they have a suitable space to set up a projector. This one is also a bit less social than other day-after wedding ideas, so if you're hoping to have a catch up with your guests, you should pair the screening with drinks, brunch or dinner.

9. Organise a Trad Session

If you're getting married in Ireland and have more than a couple of international guests, a trad session is damn-near essential, but there's not always time for one on the day of your wedding. Planning this one just involves hiring musicians or asking any of your guests who play to bring along their instruments. Then find a suitable space - it can be as easy as arranging a trip to your local pub!

The pros: Guests coming from abroad will absolutely adore this one, especially when your Aunt Eileen cracks out her very best double jig.

The cons: There's a not-insignificant cost involved in hiring musicians, but if you find the right ones, it'll be worth it!

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10. Take your Guests to a Sporting Event

This is not the kind of thing you can plan a year in advance, but if a beloved sports team happens to be competing the day after your wedding, bringing a bunch of your guests to the match would be pretty epic. A day at the horses would also be fun.

The pros: Cheering on your team with a group of family members and pals by your side is a pretty magical way to finish off to your wedding celebrations, and if you'd rather have a small group for day two, this is an easy way to slim down the guest list - devoted fans only.

The cons: If you're paying for your guests, this one is going to be expensive, unless your chosen match features small, local teams.

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11. Host a Second-Day Disco

We've been to countless weddings where the second night was wilder than the first. Lots of couples go all-out on day two, hiring a dance floor space for the second night and a DJ to keep the party going. Silent discos bring the novelty factor, and they allow older guests to have the chats in peace.

The pros: On the second day of your wedding, everyone has gotten to know each other a little better and the vibe is always more relaxed, making it perfect for a second round of late-night bopping.

The cons: If your wedding venue is remote, you may feel pressure to feed your guests before the second night gets underway, making this one of the more expensive options on this list.

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12. Organise a Murder Mystery

This one may seem like a very niche choice, but we can't help ourselves - we just love murder mystery parties and we know from experience that they go down a storm with guests.

The pros: This is one of those day-after wedding ideas that will be remembered for years, and it's surprisingly versatile - you can go to town with costumes, makeup, props and a dress code, or keep the costs low with a low-key parlour-style game. A country house or castle hotel provides the ideal setting, and another plus is that your guests can choose how involved they want to be.

The cons: Something like this usually requires a professional events company, but if you have a friend or family member with a theatre background, you can always ask them to plan it for you.

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13. Set Up a Tasting

If you're feeling optimistic about your hangover, you could also organise a wine, whiskey, beer or gin tasting for you and your guests either at your venue or on site. You could book your group in for a private tour and tasting at distillery or brewery, where you might also be able to arrange food and music. Check out our list or breweries and distilleries here which are also great events spaces!

The pros: Lots of distilleries and craft breweries have in-house experts who can bring samples to your venue for your guests to try a sample of local fare.

The cons: Some guests might decide on an alcohol-free day if they are driving home later on that day, or they might just be a little sore after the previous day's activities.

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