How to Plan the Most Fun Wedding Ever!

Kick off your heels and loosen your ties!

What was the most fun wedding you've ever been to? What made it so great? Chances are it wasn't fun because of anything expensive or flashy (expect maybe an open bar), but it was most likely down to the couple, the other guests and the overall vibe. So how do you create that fun, relaxed atmosphere when you're planning your own big day? Alas, there's no one magic ingredient that makes a day fun, but there are lots of little things you can do to set the tone and encourage your guests to let loose. We've rounded them up with our guide on how to plan the most fun wedding ever!!

How to Plan a Fun Wedding

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1. Ditch the Formalities

Traditional weddings are steeped in formality, from the fancy clothes and the plush surroundings, to the top table and the first dance. Formalities have a tendency to make everyone feel like they need to be on their best behaviour. Look at your day in its entirety and find opportunities to informalise things. Whether it's indicating a relaxed dress code on your invitations, serving pina coladas instead of Champagne, or shaking up the speeches - there are ways to put your guests at ease from the outset, and let them know this isn't 'just another wedding.'

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2. The Ceremony Sets the Tone

The ceremony can have a huge impact on setting the tone for the rest of the day, so make it as engaging as you can. If your guests leave your ceremony on a high, they'll keep it for the day. We have tips on writing your own ceremony here, and a professional celebrant will be only too happy to assist your planning too. If you're having a church wedding, there will be some restrictions, but chat to your priest or vicar about making it your own, with the right music and celebrant, your ceremony will be far from dull.

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3. Get Your Guests Socialising

A fun wedding is often one where you know lots of people. While that can't be manufactured, there are things you can do to get your wedding guests chatting, mingling and having fun. A hen or stag party is really helpful in bringing friends from different parts of your life together. Blending your tables is another way to integrate guests who'll know less people, as well as photo walls and buffet-style dining.

Call and response moments in the ceremony or speeches are handy ways to make your guests feel included and bonded. How about a Yam Seng toast? We also have great dinner table game ideas here as well as lawn games ideas for al fresco fun.

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4. Be Great Hosts

This is probably the most important tip as you set the tone for your own wedding. If you're stressed, absent, or not having a great time, chances are your guests will echo that. Being present, relaxed and laughing, will rub off on those around you. Likewise, making your guests feel welcome and part of proceedings - whether it's with a drink on arrival or a note on their place-setting - is the mark of a great host.

Finally, think about what will put your guests at ease, a thoughtful touch like arranging a bus home for guests who aren't staying at the venue is the perfect way to ensure your pals are having fun, and not keeping an eye on their taxi app.

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5. Add A Novelty Factor

There's nothing that gets guests talking quite like a bit of novelty factor. How about a margarita bar, ice-cream cones, a glitter station, a photo booth, a silent disco or a chip van coming at the end of the night. We're not saying you need to throw money at all manner of wild and wonderful distractions, but if you've room left in your budget, and can think of something fun and unique that reflects your personalities, adding it to your reception will amp up the excitement. We have a whole post with unique entertainment ideas here as well as fun ways to surprise your guests here!

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6. Think About the Flow

Many couples won't really consider this one, but the flow of your day is so important to the experience of your guests. Things like dotting signage around the venue so everyone knows where to go or what's happening, ensuring your guests aren't starving by dinner, keeping everyone entertained while still allowing time to chat and mingle. You'll never be able to please everyone all the time but essentially you want to avoid moments where your guests are left wanting. It's all a balancing act, but try to put yourselves in the shoes of your guests as you plot out the structure of your day.

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7. Shaking Up the Traditions

Similar to the novelty factor, creating a fun experience is all about giving your guests unexpected twists and turns, and that applies to the more traditional moments of your wedding too. It could be a case of modernising your speeches (we've lots of ideas for that here), changing the order of the day (a post-dinner ceremony?) or mixing your wedding party with guys and girls on both sides of the aisle. Why not consider a Flowergranny or a Bridesman?

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8. Book a Great Band or DJ

This is an easy one to control! Booking amazing entertainment for your wedding reception is guaranteed to have everyone in flying form and heading straight for the dance floor. Choose an experienced band or DJ who give you great energy from your initial enquiry, watch their videos, or attend a showcase if possible, to see how they perform. Check out our recommended bands and DJs in Ireland, too!

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9. Choose the Right Venue

This kind of goes without saying, but your choice of venue plays such a big part in the vibe of your day. You want the kind of place that won't turn the music off and the lights on at midnight, a venue with super-friendly staff, that you can make your own, and has the perfect spaces for the party you have in mind. "House party" style venues are increasingly popular and with good reason, so it's wise to ask your venue about the rules and think about the layout before you book.

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10. Look at the Big Picture (But Don't Overthink It!)

The main thing you can do to ensure a fun wedding is simply approach your day with that attitude. We know creating a fun wedding celebration that feels 'effortless' actually takes a whole lot of effort and planning, but that doesn't mean you need to overthink it. Avoid too many gimmicks and simply keep words like 'fun', 'relaxed' and 'informal' at the forefront of your interactions with suppliers and make fun a priority in your planning from the outset. That way everything from your choice of outfits to the selection of food will reflect that ethos. (Especially if you rock a red jumpsuit and serve tacos!)

And remember, everyone at your wedding loves you and is rooting for you, so even if you ignore every item on this list, your wedding is going to be so much fun - we promise!

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