Considering a Mini-Moon? The Pros & Cons of Postponing Your Honeymoon

There are many positives to postponing your honeymoon!

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There are many wonderful things that go hand-in-hand with getting married to the love of your life and one of those is jetting off on a glorious honeymoon together where you can kick back and celebrate your new chapter in life. But what happens when the funds aren't quite there to book your dream getaway and you don't want to compromise on the destination or the type of holiday you've always dreamed about? Well, one growing trend is to postpone the honeymoon and opt for a much more affordable mini-moon instead. If you're considering postponing your newlywed trip of a lifetime, we've partnered up with AIB to bring you the pros and cons of doing so... and you'll be glad to know the list of pros is much longer than cons!

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One Less Thing to Stress About the Week of the Wedding

There's so much to think about the week of your wedding, the last thing you need to worry about is packing suitcases and getting your travel documents and itineraries together. Travelling is exciting and a joy, we know, but the planning process can be a real chore, sucking the fun out of the adventure. Choosing to postpone your honeymoon means you'll have more headspace to think about the wedding day itself and soak up the joy of the moment - you're making memories to last a lifetime, after all!

More Time to Spend with Loved Ones

Chances are you have family flying in for the big day and because this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion (all going well!) you'll want to enjoy every last second with them. Some weddings are no longer one-day affairs and if you're making a weekend of it, it's only right you give yourself the time to live in the moment with the people you love most in this world. Who knows when the next chance to have everyone together will come around again? Take time to organise catch-ups once the big day is over and spend some quality time together.

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Something Exciting to Look Forward to After the Big Day

You've heard of post-holiday blues, right? Well, we hate to break it to you but post-wedding blues are a real thing too. You've been so busy planning the big day for the past year that once it's over, things can feel a little flat. Postponing your honeymoon means you have something exciting to look forward to down the line, whether that's in six months or a year from now. Besides, once the party's over, there will be lots of things to take care of and you'll appreciate the luxury of time to do it all. Things like opening cards and gifts, writing thank you cards and planning catch-ups with family who have travelled the distance will all take priority. Giving yourself breathing room to tend to all these things is essential. Trust us, future you will be grateful!

More Time to Save Money

Weddings are expensive and unless you've come into money unexpectedly, chances are you've had to work hard to save up for the big day. Taking a delayed honeymoon can really help make things much more manageable financially because you'll only have to worry about saving up for one big event. The average Irish wedding costs about €30k. Add to that the honeymoon and you're left with one hefty bill! Postponing your honeymoon has another advantage - you can choose a time of year to travel that works best for you... and it could work out a lot cheaper too! Wedding season tends to go hand-in-hand with peak holiday season which means hotel and flights at this time can be extortionate. Explore your options and see how much money you can save by postponing... the difference might just end up being the deciding factor!

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You Don't Have to Use Your Annual Leave All At Once

The issue of annual leave is a very real one for most couples. With so many events in the lead-up to the big day (engagement parties, hen parties, stags, bridal showers) and the week or two surrounding the wedding itself, you'll already be close to maxing out your annual leave. The beauty of a delayed honeymoon means you can allocate the amount of time you actually want to take for the trip which is really important if you're planning on going to a far-flung destination. If your wedding falls into one financial year and your honeymoon in another, you'll still have plenty of annual leave days to play around with for other occasions which is just as important.

You Can Squeeze in a Mini-Moon

Postponing your honeymoon also means you and your partner can treat yourselves to a little staycation or city break closer to home. This way, you still get to celebrate the newest chapter in your life together without the worry of finances. There are lots of gorgeous places to explore in Ireland from beautiful spa hotels to historic castles and jaw-dropping Airbnbs... you can even use some of the money gifted to you on your wedding day to cover the costs!

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The Wedding Bubble Bursts Quicker

One of the biggest cons of postponing your honeymoon is without doubt the blissful wedding bubble bursting a lot sooner than you may like! The honeymoon gives you a chance to soak up that feeling of being a bride for a little longer but getting back to the real world doesn't have to be so bad. A mini-moon is the perfect compromise until you can jet off hand-in-hand to your dream destination!

It May Feel Like a Regular Holiday

The longer you leave it, the greater the risk of the honeymoon feeling like a regular holiday. You can counteract that by dipping in and out of the planning in those in-between months, allowing each other to get excited about the amazing adventure ahead.

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If You're Feeling the Pinch, Ask for Help

If at any point during your wedding planning journey you need financial help, don't be afraid to ask for it! There are so many costs to consider when planning a wedding but even so, don't let finances kill the joy of the occasion. Whether it's for your honeymoon, your wedding dress or beyond, AIB offers personal loans from €1,000 - €30,000; you can apply online and in the AIB app. You can use AIB's online loan calculator to see how much you could borrow and even set your own repayment schedule - weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. If you're getting married and need some support, this could be the way to make your dreams become a reality. For more information, check out AIB online here to calculate how much you could borrow.

You can apply for an AIB personal loan today and make your dreams become a reality. Head to the AIB App or check out the online loan calculator on the AIB website for more details.

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